6 Things that will Always Make you Fat

Are you the kind of person who is unable to lose weight no matter how hard you try? You did your best and probably think that your best was never good enough? Here are 6 mistakes that will never allow you to lose those stubborn fats!

1 Not Getting Enough Sleep
Sleep will always be an important part of your life whether you like it or not because that is how the body is designed.Quality sleep is required everyday or else your system will suffer the long-term consequences. Also, not getting enough sleep messes up your hormone levels and as a result will lead you to overeat the following day. Finally, too much or to less sleep is bad for you and because of this it is very important to have a good balance!

2 Stress
Stress causes your system to produce cortisol, a steroid hormone. As a result, this increases your craving for sugar and causes you to store belly fat more.

3 Not Focusing on Lean Mass
Cardio and caloric deficit are not enough that is why you need lean mass to increase your resting metabolism for maximum weight loss. This in turn helps in the efficient storing and releasing of fat.

4 Long Cardio
Doing a lot of cardio does not really benefit you that much and will only lead to exhaustion. That is why you should try HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training together with weights in order for you to make the most of your weight loss goals.

5 Magic Pills for Weight Loss
There is no such thing as overnight success so you need to put in the work. A healthy body is a journey not a destination therefore weight loss pills will just put your resting heart-rate to unhealthy levels. Quality takes time!

6 Too Much Exercise
Finally, always remember to keep things in moderation. A balanced life is key because too much or to less of anything is never good for you especially when it comes to your health. The same is true for exercise. As a result, more does not always mean better. The body needs to rest in order for it to recover. Overexercise will only lead to an increase in cortisol levels.

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