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13 Reasons Why Having an Online Presence is A MUST!

1 – Currently, there are 4,208,571, 287 internet users. (Internet World Stats)

2 – The highest percentage of internet users are in Asia at 49%. It’s followed by Europe at 16.8%, Africa at 11%, and finally North America at 8.2%.

3 – #ATM there are 1.95 billion websites on the internet. That’s with a B not M. (Internet Live Stats)

4 – Google’s average search every second is 40,000. That adds up to 1.2 trillion searches worldwide per year.

5 – Chrome is the most widely used browser at 61.72%, then Safari at 15.23%, Firefox at 4.66%, Opera at 3.15%, and Internet Explorer at 2.81% (StatCounter)

6 – 3.2 billion internet users are also social media users.

7 – Google is still the search engine king of 2019.

8 – WordPress raked in a whopping 15.5 billion pageviews in 2018 alone.

9 – 33% of the world uses WordPress to power their websites. (WordPress.org)

10 – The fastest growing segment of the internet is mobile social media users. (vpnMentor)

11 – 44.1% of people use laptops and desktops, 51.6% use mobile phones, and 4.2% use tablets.

12 – People on mobile devices spend the most time on these apps: maps, instant messenger, music, photos, weather, and games.

13 – The most popular social media platforms are Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and Instagram

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